Warm-up with Alex 2 - Singing Beautiful Intervals

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Sing Beautiful Intervals with SING THE NORTH instructor, high baritone and pianist, Alex Chen!

A series of concise warm-up videos that will help you sing those very special building blocks of musical phrases: intervals!

Singing along with Alex, you will sing an array of intervals to build confidence singing jumps in choral music.

Solidify your arpeggios (broken chords) for your next rehearsal and transition with ease from small steps all the way up to jumps of an octave.

This series includes a bonus video that provides you the opportunity to sing against an organ drone – a practical way to build your ability to sing independently against other choral parts.

Series includes 5 Videos (c. 10 minutes total):

  • Introduction to Singing Intervals with Alex Chen
  • Warm-up 1: Warming up the Octave
  • Warm-up 2: Elegant Arpeggios
  • Warm-up 3: Good Things in Small Packages (Interval Warm-up)
  • Bonus Video with special extras: Sing against a Drone to Practice Harmonisation!

Available for HIGH (soprano & tenor) or LOW (alto & bass) voices

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  • Purchase an individual licence for either voice type for $39 CAD
  • 10% off when purchasing BOTH high and low versions together
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Enjoy warming up beautifully with Alex Chen!