Warm-up with Alex 1 - Breath Control & Flow

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Check in with your singing airstream with Alex Chen!

This special video series features concise warm-ups that will wake up your breath, hone your ability to pace your airflow, and get your breath support working for you across your singing range.

Sing along with charming instructor, singer, and pianist ALEX CHEN, who has designed these videos especially for choral singers.

Series includes 5 Videos (c. 10 minutes total):

  • Introduction to Breath Control with Alex
  • Warm-up 1: Waking the Breath
  • Warm-up 2: Breath into Sound
  • Warm-up 3: Breath into Scale
  • Bonus Video with special extra tips!

Available for HIGH (soprano & tenor) or LOW (alto & bass) voices

How do I receive my videos?

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Individual Purchase Special Offers:

  • Purchase an individual licence for either voice type for $39 CAD
  • Purchase licence to BOTH high and low versions for 10% off

Choirs Bulk Purchase Special Offers:

  • Licence 50 copies for low OR high voice for your choir for one low price of  $199
  • Licence 50 copies of BOTH low & high voice versions for 10% off.

We hope you enjoy warming up with Alex Chen!