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Want to sing absolutely everything with no restrictions?

Sing it all at a 15% discount on a one-time payment ALL SEASON PASS!

How does it work?

On your ALL SEASON PASS you receive unfettered access to all projects we are singing in Season 3. This includes all STN (classic) and STN Ice (cutting-edge) choir projects, plus all STN Fridays kitchen parties! Your projects include:

  • STN: This Endris Night - Sarah Quartel (project complete; access to all rehearsal videos included)
  • STN: Song for the Mira - Allister MacGillivray, arr. Larry Nickels (project closed; access to all rehearsal videos included)
  • STN: Song for a Winter's Night - Gordon Lightfoot, arr. Robin Salkeld (project closed; access to all rehearsal videos included)
  • STN: Angel - Sarah McLauchlan, arr. André van der Merwe (starts May 13)
  • STN Ice: Sun on Water - Hussein Janmohamed (project closed; access to all rehearsal videos and interview with Hussein Janmohamed included)
  • STN Ice: Narvaez Bay - Tidal Predictions - Stephen Morris & Mark Timmings (starts March 4)
  • STN Ice: Ambe - Andrew Balfour (starts April 1)
  • STN Ice: There Was the One - Joy Decoursey-Porter (starts June 24)
  • All 16 STN Fridays Kitchen Parties between October and June (past sessions available on video recording)
  • Special guests include Valdy, Vic Gnaedinger, Kirsty Money, Cam Culham, Keri-Lynn Zwicker, and Peter McMullin in England!
  • Plus Sing-Alongs with STN leaders Katharina Urbschat
  • Includes an open-mic night session with STN leader, Kathryn Whitney

What is included?

  • Live full-choir and sectional rehearsals with dynamic and friendly director, Kathryn Whitney
  • All meetings of all gatherings recorded to watch at your leisure
  • For choir projects, all materials, including your score, audio practice tracks, conducting videos, technical guide, plus support from the STN Team
  • The chance to sing in our final Virtual Choir Video, produced this year by the superb singer and videographer, Stephen Ross (you are just as welcome if you
  • Special events, such as our famous field trips on the STN Virtual Choir Tour Bus to the places we are singing about
  • Live composer interviews, where you get a chance to meet and speak to our composer
  • Sing-Along song sheets at our STN Fridays kitchen parties
  • The chance to join our big STN family of friends. As we rehearse on Zoom we get to see and hear each other and know each other well. Our singers will look forward to seeing your smiling face in rehearsal!

How to Join us on an ALL SEASON PASS

  • Choose Your Price
  • check your email for your digital downloads. These contain everything you will need to join us for all projects in Season 3.
  • Join us & Sing!

We are looking forward to singing with you!

- The STN Team

Already registered for a product included in this Pass, but want to purchase the Pass?

Write to us at stnadmin (at) singthenorth (dot) ca and we will refund your previous purchase.