Warm-up with Angie 1 - Vocal Technique for the Choral Singer

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Warm up your voice while improving your sound with dynamic singer & vocal pedagogue Angie Reichenbach!

These informative and fun videos will have you ready for any rehearsal, concert or personal practice session.

Use each video separately or run them all for a comprehensive warm up before you practice, rehearse, or perform.

Your purchase includes a full set of high-quality videos for you to download and view at any time on your own device.

Videos in Series 1: Vocal Technique for Choristers:

  • Welcome video and Instructions from Angie (20min)
  • Warm-Up 1 - Free Your Voice (10 mins)
  • Warm-Up 2 - Sing On Air (10 mins)
  • Warm-Up 3 - Gain Clarity in Your Sound (10mins)
  • BONUS video with special tips from Angie (10min): Karate-chop Massage

Available for HIGH (Soprano & Tenor) or LOW (Alto & Bass) voice

Individual Purchase Special Offers:

  • Purchase an individual licence for either voice type for $34 CAD
  • Purchase licence to BOTH high and low versions for 10% off
Choirs Bulk Purchase Special Offers:
  • Licence 50 copies for low OR high voice for your choir for one low price of  $199
  • Licence 50 copies of BOTH low & high voice versions for 10% off.