Warm-up with Angie 2 - Self-Care for Choristers

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We all want to sing forever!

Join Angie Reichenbach, vocal pedagogue and STN choir school instructor, as she guides you through our Self Care for Singers warm ups.

Learn massages designed to relax the voice, a fun warm up to wake up the breath and much more in this set of three videos.

With your purchase you will also receive a welcome video from Angie that includes information about the physiology and anatomy related to each warm up exercise.

You will also enjoy a BONUS video called Focus your Mind, perfect just before a concert or recording session. 

Use each video separately or run them all for a full self-care session before, during, or after your singing practice.

Your purchase includes a full set of high-quality videos for you to download and view at any time on your own device.

Videos in Series 2: Self-Care for Choristers

  • Welcome video and Instructions from Angie (20min)
  • Warm-Up 1 - Self-Massage (7 mins)
  • Warm-Up 2 - Wake-up Your Breath (8 mins)
  • Warm-Up 3 - Stand Tall & Free (8 mins)
  • BONUS video with special tips from Angie: Focus your Mind

Available for HIGH (Soprano & Tenor) or LOW (Alto & Bass) voice

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Individual Purchase Special Offers:

  • Purchase an individual licence for either voice type for $39 CAD
  • 10% off when purchasing BOTH high and low versions together
Choirs Bulk Purchase Special Offers:
  • Licence 50 copies for low OR high voice for your choir for one low price of  $199 CAD
  • 10% off when purchase choir licence for BOTH low & high voice versions together

We wish you well in your Warm-ups with Angie!